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We are a team of Specialists where fire safety is our passion and protecting lives is our top priority. With a dynamic team of industry leaders, we are dedicated to setting new standards of excellence in the field of fire alarm and life safety solutions.

Our team brings a wealth of experience and expertise. With a lifelong successful background in the life safety industry, we ensure that our life safety systems operate optimally. Our passion for exceptional customer service has earned us a reputation for building strong client relationships and delivering solutions that meet their unique needs.

Our combined experience and expertise enables us to provide comprehensive fire alarm and life safety solutions for a wide range of buildings in the Tristate area.

Our Mission
Empire is dedicated to the design, installation, and maintenance of cutting-edge fire alarm systems that surpass industry standards. With a deep understanding of the unique safety requirements across various facilities, from commercial buildings to hospitals and residential apartments, we ensure our clients receive compliant and dependable systems.

Driven by a comprehensive approach, we collaborate closely with our clients to customize fire alarm solutions that seamlessly integrate into their spaces.

As a trusted partner, we are deeply committed to the safety and security of the Tristate area community we serve. Building enduring relationships based on trust, reliability, and outstanding performance, our mission is to deliver unparalleled fire alarm and life safety solutions.

Choose Empire Fire Alarm Specialist Co., Inc. as your trusted partner in fire safety. Together, let’s build a safer future for the Tristate area, one facility at a time.


Choose Empire Fire Alarm Specialist for our expertise, customized solutions, quality installations, timely service, and unwavering commitment to compliance and safety. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of fire alarm services and ensuring the protection of your property and the lives of those within it.

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